Vilmary Lopez

Vilmary Lopez

Peer Specialist/Certified life Coach

One of her roles at Chrysallis Wellness Center will be to provide her clients with direct peer support by providing outreach, emotional support, and service linkage to individuals and families within our practice. As a peer specialist, Vilmary will also collaborate with counselors and members of the team as needed in order to provide her clients with a comprehensive well-rounded service. This will include engaging her clients using therapeutic interventions aimed at triaging the ifferent needs of each client and provide them the information and tools they need to access services within the community. The beauty of the role of a peer specialist within our practice is that clients will receive the gift of a peer specialist being fully present during each interaction as this relationship is built on an exchange of experience, mutual trust, and respect.

Vilmary has always been involved in helping those in her inner circle as well as in her community. During her 10 year experience in the medical field, she realized the desire to expand her calling for helping others in
another form. It was during this time of self-discovery of fulfillment, that she found Zumba and shortly thereafter became a certified Zumba Instructor in 2015. She enjoyed teaching, dancing, and empowering women. Through this venture, she was able to impact elderly people at Jupiter’s Assisted Living. The tenants of Jupiter’s Assisted Living eagerly awaited Vilmary’s arrival as her personality and vigor gave them encouragement and lots of joy!

In 2017 her desire to help others became stronger and she became a Certified Life Coach through Mary Lynn Ziemer, Certified Master of Advanced Life Concepts from Living a Joyful Life Now. Her first coaching experience was with Our Mother’s Home Foster Home. This type of coaching was aimed at young mothers and the teachings involved self-love practices, self-evaluation, accountability, and empowering these women to take ownership of their lives and prevent the same unhealthy patterns through their newfound journey.

Shortly thereafter, she commenced her own life coaching business and was able to attain positive results and feedback from her clients. Vilmary has also been an advocate for NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) where has participated in their annual walks to bring awareness to mental illness. Her blended personal experience and sensitivity allow her to understand and meet her clients wherever they may be at.