Dr. Andrew Ferber MD aka Swami Anand Bodhicitta

Dr. Andrew Ferber MD aka Swami Anand Bodhicitta

Dr. Andrew Ferber MD aka Swami Anand Bodhicitta

Medical Director

Treatment Experience: individual psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy both short and long-term usually intensive. Always supportive. Patients have spanned all ages from infants to the dying,and the spectrum from chronic psychotics to normals seeking to improve and/ or optimize their lives and environments. I Have worked with patients in both inpatient and outpatient settings.

Group experience includes couples, families ,work and family networks, intensive therapy groups onward management groups ,staff groups of virtually every size and training workshops with up to 2000 participants. I’ve consulted for departments of psychiatry, training and research programs, wards, schools, senior citizens facilities, etc.

Administrative experience: management of acute and chronic inpatient services, emergency rooms and emergency crisis teams, community support programs, family therapy and community psychiatry training programs, and several research teams where I was the senior investigator. Throughout my career, there has been a focus on innovative program design in therapy, training ,and research.

Teaching experience; as director of the family studies section at a AECOM , I helped develop one of the largest and most successful family therapy training programs to date. I have also taught and supervised most of the modalities mentioned in the treatment experience section. Teaching, supervision, and training are amongst my strongest skills.I become a mentor,guide and friend to staff wherever I work.

Research experience: research in fields of psychopharmacology, psychophysiology, infant development, epidemiology of mental illness, reliability of an intra-informant reports, outcome of voluntary sterilization, role function and communication in families of schizophrenics, human ethology and territoriality, population epidemiology of all illnesses in three African villages, prevalence of hypertension, the natural history of alcoholics and their families, and last but not least, posttraumatic stress disorder in veterans.

For 4 years was Senior Psychiatrist at Elite DNATherapy , Fort Myers ,Florida.
Saw patients, supervised many ARNP’s, therapists,and other staff. Participated in program and staff development and helped the organization grow from 20 to 200 staff. Saw several thousand patients. Became quite experienced with ADHD,autism spectrum disorder, PTSD, in addition to the range of psychiatric problems that the aging south Florida population bears.

Also learned much about contemporary mitochondrial medicine, genetics and mental illness, and contemporary holistic psychiatry.

2018-2020. MD at Liberate Florida.(now called Emerald Medical Center) A medical cannabis clinic in Naples. A new frontier.Have seen 400 patients so far,impressed by the results.Learned a new dimension of trauma treatment. Trauma is unfinished business, one can let go of holding on without telling endless stories of suffering etc.

Consultant Psychiatrist Center for Progress and Excellence Fort Myers Fl/Supervision and consultation for a team of 40 crisis workers who do psychiatric crisis work in Collier, Lee,Hendry and Charlotte counties. Revisited and updated 60 years of crisis work. Understood how crisis is really both danger and opportunity.

Several workshops of 6 days each on Conscious Death,Conscious Life ;led with wife in San Diego ,California; Seattle, Washington and Mysore,India. Experienced the ability to provide whatever initiations and guidance are needed by a wide variety of unique individuals from four continents.

Serving Needs Of The Community With Caring, Sincere And Whole Hearted Services

Our treatment programs and services are diverse, trauma informed and community based and we are aware to develop an effective wellness center for the community.